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I’m just trying to share a Coke with you Rin.

I don’t understand why you’re so upset.


I am not sorry for thinking that Sousuke loves Rin and it goes beyond friendship love 


What is love?

Her definition was by far my favorite


So, how about you Makoto?

i find it quite interesting, that out of all Haru’s closest friends, Rin’s the only one who has opened eyes in this dream.
Also he doesn’t look creepy at all, i’d even say he looks amazing with this halo around him, that looks like wings. His eyes demanding, gaze intense. But he’s just too bright and Haru covers his eyes.
Does it mean that in Haru’s head Rin symbolizes future that calls him for decisions he’s too afraid and lost to make? And that’s why Rin is getting all of Haru’s pain when he breaks down, even if all that pressure wasn’t really coming from Rin in the first place.


Created by Croatian-Austrian collective Numen/For UseString Prototype is a design for an inflatable volume containing a network of cables that can be explored similar to a jungle gym.